Business Solutions:


As the foremost authorized distributor of U.S.-manufactured lubricants in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, AZSTAR BMC have been operating a strategic distribution hub in Ukraine since 2020. Our commitment to expansion led us to open an office in Kyiv in 2021, where we actively engage with distributors, direct consumers, and government entities throughout the country.

AZSTAR’s innovative strategy for introducing and promoting a brand-new lubricant line in the market has yielded resounding success and profitability. The strength of our in-house distribution network has positioned us as the largest importer of lubricants in Ukraine in 2021.

Our ambitions reach beyond borders as we plan to extend the export of U.S. lubricants to other Eastern European and Central Asian nations. AZSTAR BMC is committed to forging new paths in lubricant distribution, further cementing our presence on the global stage.