Aziz Mamaev

Aziz is the founder of AZSTAR BMC. Aziz is an ambitious and passionate leader, committed to entrepreneurship. He came a long journey from a truck driver to a successful entrepreneur. Under the AZSTAR umbrella, he specializes in logistics, real-estate, strategic partnerships and global business development.

Ivan Zdebskiy

Business Development Director
Ivan Zdebskiy is a logistics, business development, and project management professional with a combined 8 years of experience in these industries. Ivan leads the business development and capture team at AZSTAR BMC, and is always ready to support partners with their Govcon requirements.

Kamila Farshi-Djalali

Kamila is the CEO of AZSTAR BMC. Kamila brings in 23 years of extensive experience in leadership, company management, and a results-driven mindset to lead the organization. She oversees quality control and adherence to regulations throughout the entire project lifecycle. Additionally, she takes charge of daily operational tasks and administrative management.

Vahan Vardanian

Middle East Country Manager
Vahan is our Country Manager, a seasoned logistics specialist with an impressive 18 years of experience in the transportation industry. His expertise lies in managing the export of goods from the US to global destinations, overseeing fleet operations, and providing valuable training in dispatch management. Vahan is a reliable professional who excels in optimizing logistical processes and ensuring the efficient flow of goods on a global scale.

Pavlo Peleshok

VP Global Procurement
Pavlo Peleshok is our VP of Global Procurement. Being a veteran of the Russo-Ukrainian War (2014-2021), Pavlo brings in profound knowledge of various military equipment, UAVs, AUDS, and MTOC. Besides, Pavlo is a well-rounded specialist with an incline in filmmaking. In the past, professional racer, war correspondent, director and screenwriter. Awarded Medal of Valor and Medal of Heroism and Loyalty.

Mikhail Khvan

Key Account Manager
Mikhail is the most recent addition to our team at AZSTAR BMC, taking on the role of a key account manager. In this position, Mikhail is responsible for fostering B2B relationships and overseeing inquiries and tender processes from start to finish. His wealth of training and experience in sales, marketing, and media makes him a valuable asset to our team.