Azstar Business Management Company:

Projects in Ukraine

Veterans Support

Partnerships with Ukrainian veteran organizations pursuing economic and social initiatives are another major focus of our company. NGO's such as the Association of the Security and Defense Sector of Ukraine (ASDSU) unite groups supporting the families of missing, captured, and wounded defenders with over 40 chapters covering the entire territory of the country. ASDSU supports the rights of veterans and their families and seeks to fulfill their economic, social, cultural, environmental and legal interests - to provide for an ecosystem wherein individuals can pursue self-determination and come together to rebuild Ukraine.

An ASDSU priority is the creation and promulgation of business projects. The association provides support at every level including financing, labor, and execution - aiming to secure funds for initiatives such as housing construction, infrastructure repair, specialist education, etc. With all profits reinvested into new economic development projects and/or used to support rehabilitation centers, prosthesis clinics, and the families of fallen soldiers.

Necessary Equipment Supply

AZSTAR BMC has demonstrated unwavering support and compassion for Ukraine by generously contributing over 1 million USD worth of essential supplies and equipment. In a time when the country faces significant challenges and hardships, AZSTAR BMC's dedication to providing vital resources like clean water, food, and personal hygiene products is a beacon of hope. These contributions have played a pivotal role in alleviating the suffering of Ukrainian citizens and strengthening the nation's resilience during trying times.

Ukrainian office staff drove several truckloads of food to Bucha and Irpen immediately after their de-occupation. AZSTAR also donated 10 commercial vehicles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and on a regular basis is providing free transport for deliver everything needed to the front line.

Reconstruction & Investment Ukraine

Azstar Business Management Company is deeply committed to supporting reconstruction and investment in Ukraine through its leading construction division. With a strong reputation for excellence, we specialize in delivering large and complex projects, introducing innovative technologies, and enhancing the success of our clients. Our focus on electrical system and transformer services, including installation, maintenance, repair, and components sales, sets us apart. Additionally, we excel in cement and asphalt plants, commercial refrigeration, and various construction projects.

Our expertise extends to providing design services for logistics terminals, housing, commercial facilities, schools, hospitals, and cultural establishments. We take pride in our long list of satisfied clients and repeat contracts, showcasing our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.